$1.00Per 3 days
Unlimited Bandwidth
Billed $99 per year

Refund Policy

In case you want to get a refund, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] no later than 14 days after the subscription purchase date.

Please include your user name and the reason why you want to terminate your subscription into your email to let us improve our services in the future.

Please pay attention that only the 1-month package and 1-year package are eligible for a refund (there is no refund for the 3-day trial).

You can get a refund only if the following requirements are met:

You will get a confirmation email after we issue you the refund. However, it may take up to 15 business days for the money to be transferred back to your bank account, depending on the payment method you used while making the purchase, your bank regulations, and other factors.

If after 15 days from the moment you got the confirmation email you still don’t have the refund, please let us know by emailing to [email protected].

If it has been already more than 14 days since the purchase date, you can still contact us via email to request a refund. At our sole discretion and will we may issue a refund only if you can prove that the service was previously unavailable or unusable during the term of the subscription, or that you tried to contact CyberMask support within the 14 days’ period to report issues without success. Only when we get reasonable proof, a refund can be issued even after14 days after the purchase date.

*Please make sure you can receive emails from us and that your email provider doesn’t mark the address [email protected] as spam.

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